The Romanian state announced its enemy no. 1: Iurie Roșca

Iurie Rosca declared persona non grata on Romanian territory

On the 14th of August 2021, the author of these lines, former dignitary of Republic of Moldova, journalist, editor, and civic activist, with a career as a public figure for more than 35 years, has received an interdiction to enter Romanian territory. The border police officers informed me about this interdiction without explaining the reasons for this decision. They only specified I am affected by the wording on stipulation H) of the document that was issued to me, entitled “Refusal of Entry at the Border”. The exact wording reads as follows: “He is a person who has been placed on the no-entry list”. The following elements are written on the header: “Romania. Minister of Internal Affairs. Border Police. Albița border crossing point”. I have been verbally informed by officers that this interdiction was issued by means of an Emergency Ordinance of the Romanian Government, in September 2020 for a period of three years. However, the wording of the aforementioned document remains silent not only on the date when it was issued, but also about the duration of being persona non grata on Romanian territory, but also on the duration being persona non grata on Romanian territory.

It is particularly worth pointing out that immediately after the moment of my expulsion from Romanian territory had passed, a gigantic campaign of defamation of my public image was carried out by the entire octopus of mainstream media from Romania and Republic of Moldova, that began on the same day of August the 14th and ran for several days uninterrupted. All television channels and radio stations, national or local, tens of news portals, media structures such as the BBC, Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle launched a real media war against me. And, as expected, not one single of these mercenaries passing off as journalists has NEVER called the marked man to ask for an opinion on what has happened. Obviously, we are witnessing a media campaign that aims to discredit me as a public figure.

Who could have ordered such a media campaign? Certainly, the same
circles of influence that control the Romanian State, but also the media networks that serve their occult interests. They are usually called by various euphemistic terms, more or less conventional: globalists, corpocatocracy, plutocracy, banksters etc. Currently, they are the Global Occult, or artisans of the New World Order. Namely, those groups behind the curtains of history and international politics that have been the target of my investigative journalism and public critique these past several years.

The causes that possibly lead to the punitive measures against me, executed in the name of the Romanian State.

By means of my press articles, academic conferences, editorial activity, my presence on the international stage, numerous public events where I have tackled geopolitical, economic, socio-political, and wider civilizational issues I have focused the attention of western diplomacies, of Soros’ networks, of the entire octopus that has vassalized and devastated my country, alongside all the other countries in the world. I am practically the only public figure from the Republic of Moldova, that systematically articulates a Eurosceptic, sovereigntist, anti-Atlanticist discourse, that is favourable towards economic nationalism and is particularly centred on the values of Orthodox Christianity. I am a staunch and purposeful critic of “political correctness”, “unique thought” (Fr. pensée unique), of promoting economic colonialism and the LGBT agenda. I actively oppose the America-centric unipolarity and the hegemony of speculative capitalism, bring to light the essence of global plutocratic dictatorship, that at the moment takes the form of a technocracy that pushes us into a new era of transhumanism and worldwide digital GULAG.  

Another cause for my refusal of entry in Romania could also be a series of public events, I had organized during my visits to Bucharest. On January 24th, 2020, I organized the book presentation of the French author Lucien Cerise “Neuro-Pirates – Thoughts on social engineering.  During this event I announced our intention to organize such editorial events every month, with various western anti-System authors as guests (see the link to the event: ). On March 5th, 2020, followed another public event, the presentation of my book “Interesul Național ca Modus Vivendi” (National Interest as Modus Videndi) (see: I tend to believe that the two public events were the final straw for the real masters over Romania.

Worth mentioning that I am the only ethnic Romanian that has received interdiction of entry in Romania since the fall of communist regim in December 1989. Although I do not hold Romanian citizenship, I descend from Romanian citizens that have been stripped of their nationality following the soviet invasion of Bessarabia in 1940. And since I have never broken the law on Romanian territory, never carried out any economic activity, I have not even broken traffic rules, it becomes apparent that I am being persecuted for my publicly expressed beliefs. That is, my hard-line stance against the Establishment made me the enemy No 1 of Romania, actually the enemy of the mafia that controls this state.

A few notes on my past

It is well-known that after the fall of communism the countries from the former communist bloc were invaded and colonized by western corporatocracy. The dominant groups based in the West that during the second half of the twentieth century totally de-sovereigned not only the Third World countries, but also western European states, the USA and Canada, have carried out an all-out offensive against the nations of Central and Eastern Europe, employing for this purpose the entirety of their non-military arsenal. Thus, the octopus of globalist NGOs and media structures spreading its tentacles ensured the colonization of the collective mind of the former captive nations of the Soviet Empire. “Shock Therapy”, the imposition of free trade, of exorbitant credits, mass privatization programmes and price liberalization, completed our economic colonization. The victor’s dictate after the Cold War imposed the liberal paradigm as unique ideology, with axiomatic character, that caused the uniformization and vassalization of the political spectrum from the ex-communist space. The imposition of membership of the World Trade Organization, European Union, and NATO, finalized the process of subjugation of the former communist states.


The author of these lines was fully involved in the anti-communist and national emancipation movement at the end of the last century, finding myself in the midst of all events that preceded the fall of the USSR and followed in the wake of this major geopolitical event. I was one of the leaders of the first anti-communist party, I have founded the first free newspapers, I lead for two decades the oldest anti-communist party, that maintained the longest continuous presence in parliament, over the span of five parliamentary terms, from 1990 to 2009. I served four terms of MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, and twice as vice-president of Parliament and vice-prime minister of the country.

My political thought and implicitly the trajectory of my political activity was a typical one for

the patriots in this area. Having entered public life as an anti-communist and nationalist, I naively believed that the collective West, being in competition with the Soviet system, would be our natural ally, and that the Western model would be beneficial for us. So, the rejection of the communist paradigm threw us in the trap of the liberal paradigm. Yet the experience we have gathered since showed us the true face of our Western “benefactors”. Thus, from the stance of a fighter against the Soviet empire, I became a fighter against the American global empire. And being during many years the enemy No 1 for Moscow, some years ago I became the enemy No 1 for Washington.

I have been working as a professional journalist for four decades. I have published a several books. Some of them could be found in PDF format here: Some of my lates books are the following  “Căderea din URSS în UE. Cronici antiliberale” [The Fall from the USSR into the EU] (2014), “Ortodoxie și Naționalism Economic” [Orthodoxy and Economic Nationalism] (2017),  “Conspirația demonilor roșii. 100 de ani de la lovitura de stat bolșevică. Interviuri” [Conspiracy of Red Demons. 100 Years from the Bolshevik Coup d’état] (2017), “Interesul Național ca Modus Vivendi. Cronicile unui disident eurosceptic” (2020) [National Interest as Modus Vivendi. Chronicles of an Eurosceptic Dissident].

As a publisher I have edited during last years several books of some anti-Establishment authors at Universitatea Populară Publishing House. These authors I have published are the  European sovereigntist and dissident thinkers who are part of the Resistance against the American hegemonism. These authors were exclusively published at our publishing house, no other publisher from either Romania or Republic of Moldova (the same Romanian linguistic area) has ever published any of this new wave of anti-Atlanticist patriots. For example, here’s a list of authors published in Romanian translation by us: Herve Juvin, Ivan Blot, Jean-Michel Vernochet, Youssef Hindi, Lucien Cerise, Valerie Bugault, Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent (all of them being leading French authors from the dissident cohort), Aleksandr Dugin (one of the most influential sociologists and geopoliticians from Russia), Ilie Bădescu (one of the most prominent sociologists and geopoliticians form Romania).

I am the organizer of an international initiative, Chisinau Forum, founded in 2017, that has already run for three editions and united distinguished intellectuals from multiple countries of the world, fully engaged in the sovereigntist way of thinking and acting. In May 2017 the meeting in Chișinău resulted in the adoption of the following document: “The Chisinau Manifesto: “Creating the Greater Europe” ( ). December, the same year 2017 followed the second edition of our Forum, that was conducted under the title: “Financial capitalism and its alternatives for the 21st century. Contributions to the 4th Economic Theory” (full video recording: ) . The third edition of the Forum followed in September 2019. The speeches held by the attendees can be found on Here’s my opening speech:

In 2019 I organized, at the initiative of international attorney Arno Develay, an international delegation of European sovereigntists, that visited Syria, a country, that is victim of a war of aggression. During this visit we had a series of public meetings in several Syrian cities, as an expression of our solidarity with the Syrian nation. I delivered daily reports from there, that I have published at To provide an example:

I have been prosecuted since 2017, the case is in court, I risk up to 7 years in prison

On the day of 29.02.2017 my residence was searched by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. Then I found out I am being prosecuted in a case manufactured by the former criminal government. I am being accused of “ traffic of influence”. I remain under the risk to be condemned for 7 years of prison. That prosecution was determined by the fact that I was

a harsh critic of criminals that had usurped state power in Republic of Moldova in 2009 and kept it captive until one and a half years ago. After the change of power, and change of the Attorney General, several tens of individuals were declared by the Prosecutor General’s Office as “victims of political persecution under the Plakhotniuc regime, during the period of usurpation of state power”. All of this, even though, unlike myself, not one single of these absolved of any wrongdoing carried out any public activities opposing the former governance. They only suffered damage in their business activity, and nothing more. However, my case did not enjoy the same treatment, although I was an irreconcilable critique of the same regime. My case is still in court, at the stage of preliminary hearings.

2020-2021: Great Reset, Usurpation of Power on a global scale, technocratic dictatorship

Beginning with March 2020 I have been the only intellectual from the Republic of Moldova and one of the few public figures from the entire Romanian area, that has fully engaged himself in bringing light to the globalist agenda and their plan of establishing a New World Order, as a form of planetary dictatorship, that is being carried out speedily under medical pretexts. Every single day I made several hundred videos, in Romanian and Russian languages, unveiling point by point all elements of this global scam, whose target is focused on to two major priorities of the Satanic interests from behind the curtains:


My materials are available at:,,, Telegram Channel Iurie Roșca.

The setting up of the p(l)andemic, the liberticidal and genocidal measures such as wearing of the mask, testing and especially forced repeated vaccinations, lockdowns, total digitalization, suppression of cash money, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, “sustainable development”, Club of Rome and the “limits to growth”, Rockefeller Foundation Report of 2010, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, World Health Organization and GAVI, nano-particles, 5G, cybernetic pandemic, climate emergency (the myth of global warming and climat weapons), chemtrails, the transhumanist agenda, chip implants, predictive programming, mind control, social engineering etc., etc. These are the main subjects of my journalistic investigations and public interventions, all supported by a multitude international sources of high credibility.

It is publicly known that my materials reach a wide audience on social media channels, some receiving more than 500 000 views and tens of thousands of likes. My Youtube channel got banned and deleted. At present my main Facebook account is blocked for 30 days. The mainstream media, sponsored by the globalists, aggressively promotes their agenda, and regularly launch attacks to defame me. Their purpose is to compromise me and thus to undermine the credibility of my public discourse.

Unfortunately, in the Republic of Moldova not one single political party, not one single non-governmental organization, not one single journalist has displayed a critical attitude against the dictatorship under medical pretext of this past one and a half year. My voice remains singular, that turns me into a favourite target for all attacks by the agents of globalist power.


The punitive act of refusing my entry on Romanian territory, as well as my years long political persecution, not to mention my methodical defaming by the corporate media, represent the usual means employed by the Western influence groups against a dangerous enemy. I am an inconvenient public figure for the circles that currently work to methodically establish the New World Order. Throughout my long career as a public figure, I have become accustomed to the state of permanent terror I have to live in. However, despite all the pressures, I will never give up and I will not stop telling the truth.

Iurie Roșca,


Republic of Moldova,




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